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Would you like to list on a new exchange? Quant offers the ideal solution for you, so don’t worry. All of the main exchanges, including Binance and KuCoin, are directly accessible to us. We will introduce your project to top-level exchange personnel and gauge their enthusiasm for listing it. After that, they will put you in touch with the exchange and assist you in obtaining the greatest price for your project. assisting with the creation of legal opinion letters, smart contract audits, and questionnaires required to meet listing criteria.
Our solution:
At Quant we possess extensive connections within the cryptocurrency industry and maintain relationships with various exchanges. We can offer valuable insights and guidance in selecting the most appropriate exchanges for listing a token project. Factors such as liquidity, target market, available trading pairs, and listing requirements are carefully considered to ensure an optimal choice.
When faced with the decision between centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX), we can offer significant assistance to token projects. By thoroughly analyzing these considerations, our experience in determining whether a CEX or DEX would be more advantageous for the token project. Our connections and insights enable informed decision-making to maximize the project's success in the chosen exchange environment.
How we work:
Listing your token on an exchange offers a prominent advantage: an amplified level of liquidity. This heightened liquidity allows participants to engage in seamless buying and selling of your token, subsequently stimulating organic trading volume and overall market activity. Improved liquidity not only attracts a greater number of traders, but it also fosters price discovery by continually adjusting the token's price to align with current demand and supply dynamics. Furthermore, enhanced liquidity plays a crucial role in mitigating market volatility, promoting a more stable trading environment.
Hedging services:
Exchanges serve as an open marketplace where token prices are established based on the principles of supply and demand. By listing your token, you enable efficient price discovery, ensuring that its value aligns with the perception of market participants. This transparent and market-driven pricing mechanism fosters a healthy ecosystem for your token, where its value is determined organically, therefore it’s easier to introduce an efficient hedging solution.
Feel the difference:
It is common practice for reputable centralized exchanges to require projects to have at least one market maker in place from the initial listing on their platform. The presence of well-established market makers committed to the project significantly enhances the chances of a successful listing. With our services, we can provide the success of a CEX listing.
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