Market Making
We possess exceptional expertise in market making for cryptocurrencies. While many market makers in the crypto industry are prohibitively expensive, our primary emphasis is on establishing enduring and sustainable partnerships with our clients.
Our solution:
We enhance the depth of liquidity in the order books, reducing the gap between bid and ask prices. We engage in arbitrage across various pairs and exchanges. Our efforts contribute to price support and stability. We utilize comprehensive tracking software to monitor whale wallets. Our algorithms are equipped with safety features and risk management measures. Clients retain custody of their funds throughout the process, as Quant executes trades exclusively through API access without the need for withdrawal rights to the market making account.
By achieving increased organic volume, we effectively draw in a greater number of investors and traders. Additionally, we diligently work towards mitigating the impact of heavy price fluctuations. Moreover, our efforts contribute to the development of deeper organic liquidity across various exchanges. Furthermore, we prioritize maintaining full transparency when it comes to exchange balances and trades.
How we work:
We conduct comprehensive examinations of the order books, project status, and whale wallets, delving into the details to gain deep insights.. To facilitate our market making services, clients grant us API access to their exchange accounts where their listings reside. We commence strategy testing on a smaller scale, leveraging our previous analysis to inform our approach. Following a thorough evaluation of the test results, we proceed with the deployment of market making strategies. Our dedicated traders continuously fine-tune and monitor these strategies around the clock. We establish direct and seamless communication channels with projects through popular platforms like Telegram.
Hedging services:
In addition to our core services, we provide clients with the option to hedge the value of their portfolios by utilizing a range of derivatives, such as options. This allows us to effectively mitigate potential risks associated with fluctuations in the $ value of their assets.
Feel the difference:
Prior to engaging in market making (MM), there was limited activity and a wide spread observed in the market. However, with the implementation of MM strategies, we observe a significant increase in activity along with a tightly maintained spread. The presence of market making efforts results in a deeper order book, which contributes to enhanced stability and helps prevent drastic price fluctuations. Additionally, the cost associated with entering and exiting positions is reduced, making it more appealing for a broader range of market participants to engage in trading activities.
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