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With the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency as a safe asset, having designated market makers on the exchange stands more important than ever. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, Quant makes no distinction with its competitive token liquidity program.
Our solution:
Outsourcing market making services offers a swift and efficient solution for upscaling your project while instantly boosting liquidity levels. Through the integration of bots and the simulation of active trades, we leverage powerful tools to accurately determine fair trading values and establish competitive bid-sell prices. Our team designs a customized strategy that precisely aligns with your unique needs and overall plan. We provide meticulous reporting, including individualized reports and thorough analysis, to provide a comprehensive reflection of the implemented plan and its progress.
It is advisable to steer clear of black-box market-making services that offer no transparency regarding the management of liquidity by your partner. With our approach, we establish automated and adaptive strategies, while ensuring that you maintain control and influence over the process. All relevant metrics are securely stored, and you have direct access to your data through analytics dashboards, enabling you to gain valuable insights.
How we work:
You aim to enhance demand across a broader range of markets, not limited to the most liquid ones. Our solutions are designed to assist you in ensuring robust order books and fair prices, characterized by tight spreads, particularly in markets that are crucial for your exchange or token. By improving liquidity depth and optimizing trading conditions, we contribute to the development of organic liquidity, which fosters a healthier environment for investors.
Hedging services:
Gain real-time access to comprehensive liquidity analytics for your crypto exchange or token. Our team will configure custom dashboards to effectively monitor the liquidity levels across your markets. This way we can advise the best heding statergy for the assets.
Feel the difference:
Quant specializes in assisting its clients and partners in establishing robust liquidity across both trading platforms. Our expertise extends to supporting startup token projects in enhancing liquidity within their markets, as well as providing guidance to mature tokens seeking to improve their liquidity.
Need liquidity for your cryptocurrency? Let's do it the Quant way! We are a global crypto liquidity generator and algorithm market maker, which provides competitive quotes on multiple exchanges. While most crypto market makers are offering unreasonable promises, we strive to serve you something Scalable, Sustainable, and Real
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